Deck and Patio Contractor in Park City

Decks and Patios in Park City

If you’re looking for speed, quality, and the convenience of a local contractor, think Cottonwood Custom LLC. Our designers, contractors and builders come with years of experience and a wealth of talent, all ready to be put into the creation of your deck or patio. Because decks and patios aren’t just wood and cement platforms, they’re a part of your home—a part that sets the stage for events, and exceptional personal down-time.

Sure, you can have a barbecue where you cook outside and then bring the food to an indoor table, but that’s not half as fun as actually getting to eat outside. Save the indoor table for when it rains! Better yet, install a small shelter or an affordable umbrella as part of your deck or patio.

At Cottonwood Custom LLC we’ve got the ideas and the talent to build you the best deck or patio in Park City.

Why Build a Deck or Patio?

Introduce aesthetics to value, and you’ve got the benefits of building a deck or patio in your back—or even front—yard. When you were house-hunting in Park City, you must have chosen the best home for yourself or your family. If it didn’t come with a landscaped yard with a deck or patio for entertaining, adding it will be your home’s crowning glory.

Installing a deck or patio, adds guaranteed value to your home if you ever choose to sell. For a low price, you are making your property both visually appealing, and financially profitable.

Within Budget

At roughly $35 per square foot for a new deck, or between $700-$2,000 for a new patio, the return is well worth it. For instance, a deck will make back 77.3% of its cost in home value!

Not only are they affordable, but for skilled builders like our team, decks and patios—no matter how large—are a speedy job. We can put together a new deck in a few weeks and a patio in even less than that. When you add up the cost, time, and value, we challenge you to find another project with this much value!

A Lasting Effect

Once you’ve built your deck or patio and seen how beautiful your home looks in its Park City neighborhood, you’ll wonder how long this level of perfection will last.

Well, the news is good: with proper care, a deck can last 25-40 years! Even if you don’t care for it well, it will last 10-15 years. But of course, we recommend proper care in every case.

Patios can last a lifetime—backed up by the fact that paving stone manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee for their products. Once you have a patio in your yard, it’s there for good.

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